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Compositional Audio

 This Project is an attempt at making an Signal / Audio processing toolkit with a simple compositional API.
The concept is to make it easy for students to chain set of DSP operations, and see the effect on the signal at after each operation 

The minimal code needed to start experimenting is very simple:

private CompositionalAudio.CompositionalAudio compAudio = new CompositionalAudio.CompositionalAudio();
        public void PlayAudio()
            var samplerate = 44100;
            int numChannels = 2;
	    //set the signal source
            compAudio.Source = new SignalGenerator(SignalGenerator.Sine, 
                                                    100.0f, //amplitude
                                                    100,  //frequency
                                                    samplerate); //sample rate

            //set the signal output
            compAudio.Output = new WaveOutPlayer(-1, samplerate, numChannels);

            //connect signal source directly to output
            compAudio.Connect(compAudio.Source.ToAudioSignal(512 * numChannels, samplerate), compAudio.Output);

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